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Wiki for the Minecraft server Avalon! Here, you will find information on everything you will find in Avalon, from the people you will meet on your quests to defend from the Great Evil, to the special items that will help you along the way.

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Defend Avalon Today!

You are a Guardian.

Avalon is under attack, and you have been summoned. But you don't have to fight evil alone...

You can join a town, or create your own town and invite others.

Will you find all of Avalon's secrets, and conquer the Great Evil?


There's a whole world out there outside of Avalon! Come interact with the community!

Discord - https://discord.gg/gdQpgTj

Guardian Satellite Uplink (Dynmap) - http://defend.avalon.today:8123/

Website - http://defend.avalon.today/

Forum - https://defendavalon.enjin.com/