"Well, I didn't expect that. I thought CluDathoon might confront you directly, but instead he threw Lord Revan at you. It appears CluDathoon is becoming much more skilled at genetic manipulation. His creations seem to be becoming more and more powerful. Perhaps the only way to stop CluDathoon is to track him down, and figure out where he's designing his genetic creations. I think you should investigate the Nexus Hangar for clues. Head to the Nexus Hangar, and look for clues that point to where CluDathoon came from."

Leave the Resistance HQ and follow your compass to one of the Nexus entrances, then follow the hallways while watching your compass for changes. When you reach the Hangar, walk into the room and through the passage beneath the control panel to get to the small ship. Using either teleport arrows or wings and rocket boots, get to the side entrance of the ship and walk inside. Open up the chest in the ship and collect the book written by CluDathoon. The quest will complete when you have the book, but it is recommended you should read the book to understand where CluDathoon came from. Once you have finished, return to Nichol at Resistance HQ.

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