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In Avalon, there are a variety of classes for you to select to play how you like (mostly).

The seven main classes are:

These classes specialize in different areas of combat, and as guardians level up they unlock new skills. These classes can be placed into three categories based on their strengths: DPS, Support, and Tank. However, all classes have the flexibility to use off-meta items or different attributes and shift into other roles.

DPS Classes[]

DPS stands for "damage per second". There are four classes that fit into this role: Rogue, Mage, Summoner, and Marksman. It could also be argued that warrior is also a DPS class, however, it's more of an off-tank with decent damage capabilities. A majority of DPS classes are squishy (have low health pools and armor stats) and deal lots of damage.


Rogue is a very squishy class with high DPS potential. It is a melee class that mainly relies on its items to dish out damage. However, make no mistake, rogue is squishy, but it's hard to catch and has access to stealth abilities to balance out its lack of armor and health. A majority of rogue's items are one-handed daggers or swords. Rogue's main attributes of choice are: strength, impact, and fugacity.


Mage is another class with high DPS potential, however, mage's damage comes from both its skills and items. Mage, like marksman, is a ranged class, except the majority of mage's kit are not nearly as long ranged as marksman's kit. Most of mage's items are wands or books with magic properties. Mage's main attributes of choice are: Intelligence, focus, and spirit.


Marksman has access to a majority of the long-range items in the game. Focused around ranged combat, marksman can safely attack bosses and mobs from far in the backline. Unlike mage, marksman almost completely relies on its items to do the damage for it. Marksmen primarily use guns and bow's as their weapons of choice. Marskman's main attributes of choice are: dexterity, fugacity, and focus.


Summoners are mid-range masters of conjuration with the ability to summon a plethora of beings to fight for them. From exploding chickens to teleporting demons, summoners always have a trick up their sleeve and are never alone. Despite being a squishy class, summoners need not worry about being harmed in combat, since a majority of their summons will tank for them. Summoners primarily use staffs or books as a medium for summoning and fighting. Summoner's main attributes of choice are: initiative, spirit, and endurance.



Paladins are tanks with some support capabilities. They're a wall that keep the squishy DPS and support from being killed by bosses. Their skills include grabbing boss aggro and light healing spells to keep themselves up. Paladins mainly use shields and heavy weapons that reduce the damage they take. Paladin's main attributes of choice are: endurance, strength, and spirit.


Warriors are off-tanks with a bit of DPS sprinkled in. While they aren't able to output as much DPS as a rogue, they have the ability to survive most heavy blows from bosses because of their inherent tank stats. Warriors usually use two-handed swords or staves that hit hard and reduce damage they take from enemies. Warrior's main attributes of choice are: strength, endurance, and dexterity.



Clerics are currently the only support class in Avalon. It has access to skills that boost teammate damage and survivability along with major healing spells. As a trade off, it has the lowest damage potential on it's own, along with the lowest physical damage stat. Clerics primarily use instruments and books to support allies. Cleric's main attributes of choice are: spirit, focus, and endurance.