"Ah, welcome, Guardian. I am Airos. I am one of the few Elders who remain on your planet and maintain some of our ancient technology. Hmm... you say Nichol sent you, from an alternate reality? And Cludathoon already attacked there? Well, this is much worse than we though. I will begin extracting data from the Ship Transponder you brought me, but it will take some time. For now, you should speak with my colleague, Lorne. He is just on the other side of this facility. He will likely have some work for you in the meantime. Explore the Nexus Reactor facility, and speak with Lorne for your next task."

After speaking to Airos, hit the button on the wall to open the doors. Leave the room, and turn to the right. Walk into the hallway to the right of entrance, and proceed up the stairs. As you walk around the glass railing, turn to the left and head down the stairs, where Lorne is waiting for you at the bottom. Right click him to complete the quest, and again for the next quest.

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