"Well, well. A Guardian. You know what I don't get about you guys? My people are known as the Elders, and we are taught that our species has existed for many thousands of years. We are also taught that many thousands of years ago, our ancestors fought off the ancient Woltheins in a massive intergalactic battle in order to avoid total annihilation. Strange thing is... there is no mention of you Guardians in our ancient texts. Where do you Guardians even come from? I just... ah, forgive me. Sometimes I ramble. My name is Lorne, and I'm an Engineer here at this facility. We've got a shortage of parts, and Airos has asked me to boost power to her lab. In order to boost the power enough, I'll need fresh redstone repeaters. Can you bring me at least 15?"

In order to make the redstone repeaters, you will need a total of 15 redstone dust, 30 redstone torches, and 45 blocks of stone. In your crafting table, the redstone dust will go in the center square, half of the redstone torches will be to the left and to the right of it, and the stone blocks will cover the three bottom squares. (Hint: each square containing an item should have 15 of each item.) Collect all fifteen redstone repeaters and return to Lorne, then right click him with them in your hand to give them to him.

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