"I had no doubt you would make it here, Guardian. This is the Fourth Dimension, one of the dimensions the Elders colonized long ago. The Great Evil has been travelling across dimensions and across galaxies, hunting the Elders. According to Lir, CluDathoon somehow showed up here in an instant, and began attacking with some kind of energy weapon. Lir barely escaped, and my scanners aren't detecting any life signs here... but I have detected a large amount of radioactivity to the south-east. We should investigate. I'm also detecting some Blaze activity in the area. Follow your compass to the source of the radioactivity, and train your combat skills by killing 20 Blazes while you're there."

After you leave Nichol's house, follow your compass to the Tree of Corruption. Kill 20 of the Blazes that are surrounding the mushrooms by the tree. When finished, return to /warp chapter2.

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