"Alright, I'm satisfied you'll be able to survive out there. Now, it's time you explored more of Avalon. Use the compass you got when you first arrived at my throne. It will guide you along the paths through Upper Avalon, Lower Avalon, and will show you the entrance to the Crypt. If you forget where to go, type /quest.

This quest is meant to familiarize yourself with Avalon within the spawn world. Exit the throne room and walk towards the bridge. Walk across it to the church and go inside. While there, you can speak with Love, King Xero's daughter. When finished, walk back across the bridge, and slightly to the left, is a ladder. Go down and head to the arch that leads to Lower Avalon. Walk down the staircase, and follow the wooden path. You can speak with Impi at his house, Andley at Andley's Inn, or any of the other Avalon citizens you come across. You can even perform a side quest for Mikhail and fish for him. Keep following the wooden path until it turns into a stone path, which leads to the Crypt. Go up to the entrance and then return to King Xero. You'll come back to the Crypt later on, so there is no need to walk any further.

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