"Okay, I think I've got everything I need. I'm going to see what else I can learn about CluDathoon's weapon by scanning the samples you brought me. I'll need some time though. In the meantime, we need to strike at the source of the corruption down here. When CluDathoon began his attack, he used his weapon to create a portal leading to the lair of Lord Varson, one of CluDathoon's Generals. If Lord Varson decides to come through that portal with his army, we're going to have even bigger problems. I want you to assemble a team of Guardians, and assault Lord Varson's lair. This is not to be taken lightly, though. Bring your best gear, portions, anything you'll need to survive... and don't go alone. I'd recommend you have a team of no less than 5 Guardian."

Using your wings and rocket boots, fly through the first two purple and white rings, then turn to the right towards the blue rings. Fly through each of them until you reach the mansion. If you forget which ring you're on, or you died, return to /warp chapter3, type in /quest for the ring number, and count the rings as you fly past each of them. At the mansion, go inside and up the stairs, and walk through the portal. Once on the other side, walk down stairs and speak with Tyrael just outside the entrance.

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