Jaymun: Welcome to the Thieves' Guild of Avalon! Only the toughest of the tough can join us. If you are interested in joining, you'll have to pass a set of challenges. What do you say, yes or no?

Player: [type "yes" into the chat bar] Yes, I'm interested in joining the Thieves' Guild

Jaymun: Ver good! These challenges are to test you abilities against different opponents. We will start off with simple targets, the walking dead. I need you to go hunt down and murder 5 zombies. Don't let those monsters survive. By the way, you can use /warp guild to return here.

In any of the worlds on Avalon, kill five zombies to complete the quest.

Note: This quest will not appear in your list under /quest. Pay close attention to the chat, as the completion status will be shown there.

Upon Completion

Jaymun: Ah! You managed to kill them! I must admit I didn't have much faith... Come back to me when you're ready for your next challenge. Oh, and take this Emerald for yourself as a small reward.