"Based on your survey of the area, I think I've located some creatures down here that have been mutated by CluDathoon's energy weapon. I'd like to study them in more detail, in order to learn more about how this weapon works. Although your compass won't work in this dimension, my scans indicate there is some Radioactive Material inside Magma Cubes found around Ring 12. Head there, and kill enough of these mutated creatures to obtain at least 20 Radioactive Isotope 491."

Use your wings and rocket boots once you leave Nichol's house to fly past the purple and white rings and count them. Once you reach Ring 12, locate the spawner surrounded by Magma Cubes. Kill the Magma Cubes until you have collected 20 of the Radioactive Isotope 491 that they drop. When finished, return to /warp chapter3.

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