The Skeleton King is a genetic experiment created by King Xero's corrupted brother, Xanthar. After performing many tests that eventually became the Risen Dead, Xanthar successfully created the Skeleton King. Remnants of these experiments can be found deep in the Nexus.

The discovery of the Skeleton King led to Xanthar's arrest, preventing him from completing the rest of his "Skeleton Army." The Skeleton King is hidden within the Old Crypt, along with the rest of the Risen Dead.

Boss Battle

The Skeleton King is a fairly simple, straight forward boss battle. Once you've initiated combat with him, he'll first use his blinding attack, which gives you Slowness 2 and Blindness. This leaves you very vulnerable for a few seconds, so be prepared. After that, his attacks become sporadic, and he'll alternate between brute force attacks with his sword, teleportation, and summoning Skeletal Minions to make your life harder. At lower levels, it's much easier to bring a team of Guardians to finish him off. Once he's defeated, you'll have 5 seconds to collect his dropped loot before being transported to the Loot Room to collect prizes.


Loot Amount Chance
Skeleton King's


1 5%
Crown of the King 1 5%
Gold Nuggets 32-64 50%
Emeralds 7 100%
Golden Crate Key 1 100%
Vote Crate Key 3 100%
Experience 650 100%
Unidentified Iron Leggings 1 100%
Bones 15 99%
Arrow of Poison 32 60%
Arrow of Harming 32 55%
Socket Iron Sword 1 40%
Skeletal Bow 1 24%
Unidentified Diamond Boots 1 20%
Skeletal Sword 1 13%
Head of the Skeleton King 1 5%


  • His creation is mentioned in the book Finding Avalon 3