"While you were away, I've been scanning the area for any survivors. I think I've found a signal, not too far from here. I've put down Orange Rings to help you track down the signal. Whoever he is, maybe he can shed some more light on what's happened to this dimension."

Using your wings and rocket boots, fly to the second purple ring, then begin following the orange rings until you reach a structure. Go inside and locate Scheer. Speak to him to find out what has happened to this dimension. After he has spoken, he will give you a Mob Capturer. Once you have obtained it, return to /warp chapter3.

Conversation with Scheer

Scheer: Ah good, [playername]. You've arrived. My name is Scheer. I am an Elder. I was here when CluDathoon attacked. Do you wish to learn more? Yes or no?

Player: {Type "yes" into chat} Yes, I'm listening.

Scheer: He attacked without warning. He had some kind of... energy weapon. He would aim it at one of us, or at the land... and it would... transform it. If he shot the land with his weapon, it's as if it would turn the land into Hell. And if he shot a person... well... let's just say that person became something else. He's been transforming the area down here, too. That's why it looks like this, underground. He's using some kind of technology we've never seen before. It's extremely powerful. I've been studying the radioactivity it leaves behind. I'm trying to figure out how he does this. I've actually been able to harness what I've learned from it, and create something special. This is a Mob Capturer. You can use it to capture friendly or hostile mobs. I'll let you know when I've learned more. Until then, you should report back to Nichol.

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