"All Guardians need to have excellent flying skills. It's time for you to practice yours. Head to /warp highjump and fly through the Rings for practice. If you get lost, use /quest and follow your compass to where it points."

Teleport to /warp highjump and turn to the right. A list of instructions is listed there. Put your Rocket Boots in your hand and right click to turn them on. Hover over the icon in your inventory to confirm this. Put the boots and your Guardians' Wings on and face the first ring. Put a weapon in your hand, such as a sword or an axe, press shift, and right click. While in the air, press your space bar twice to activate your wings. Use the shift key and right click to guide yourself to each ring. If you miss a ring, you can fly back and attempt to pass through it again. You only need to pass through each ring once. If you lose track of where you were, the compass will guide you to the correct one. If you die, head back to /warp highjump and let the compass guide you to the ring you left off at. When you have passed through all of the rings, you can either walk to the throne room, or teleport to /warp throne.

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