"We need to survey the area and gather intelligence about what's down here, but there's some kind of radioactivity down here causing interference with my scanners. That same interference is going to make your 'Compass useless while you're down here, too. I'll need you to use your Guardians' Wings and Rocket Boots to fly around the area, and see what you can find. I've put up Purple and White Rings outside to help' guide you."

Step outside of Nichol's house and put on your wings and rocket boots. Fly through each of the purple and white rings throughout the map one after the other. You'll only have to fly through each ring once. Unfortunately, your compass will not be able to direct you to the next ring if you get lost. If you die, or lose track of which ring you were on, teleport to /warp chapter3 and count the purple and white rings as you fly past them. Return to Nichol's house at /warp chapter3 when you have completed all of the rings.

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