"Good Lord! Am I glad to see you! We thought everyone had been wiped out by CluDathoon's energy weapon. You say Nichol sent you? Well, a friend of his is a friend of mine. Listen, we've been fighting here for hours, trying hold back Lord Varson's forces. If we let them through the portal, there's no telling how far they'll spread. We've got to strike at the source, and take out Lord Varson himself! They're doing some weird experiments in there, though. I'm not sure what they're up to, but it's definitely not good. We need to put a stop to this now, but it won't be easy! Gather a team, and defeat Lord Varson once and for all! My men and I will stay here and keep the portal secure! Good luck, Guardian!"

Walk down the hill and follow the path, steering clear of the enemy spawn that will attack you. Eventually, you will enter a cavern containing three rooms, two of them closed off with gates. Go to the gate on the right and right click the crystal. Accept the quest that asks you for a key. Move to the room on the far left, the lab, and kill the witch located inside. After the witch is dead, she will drop the key. Collect the key and right click the crystal with it. Once on the other side of the gate, continue forward until you reach the portal and walk towards it. After you have stepped through, you will need your wings to help you down off the cliff. Continue forward and walk across the bridges that surround the cavern. Enter the next cavern and head towards the mansion. Before going inside, make sure you have a team of at least five Guardians. Press the button located in front of the door to open it and head inside. You will spawn the boss as you walk up to Lord Varson's throne. Once you have defeated Lord Varson, wait until you have been teleport and have collected your loot before returning to Nichol at /warp chapter3 to complete Chapter 3.

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