"Hello, Guardian. Nichol must have sent you. I've been studying these ruins out here for days, and just now I've found... an entrance. I think I may have found a way into the Nexus! Why don't you look EXCITED? Do you know what this mean?! Our legends tell of a time when this land was colonized by another species, known as The Elders. Even thousands of years ago, The Elders had the technology to travel to the stars. Now, I think I may have found an entrance to the Nexus, one of their ancient bases! You should go deeper, and investigate!

"The Nexus" is the only quest you will receive from John. Descend the ladder that John is standing next to, and walk down the hallway. Carefully watch your compass, because you may need to make a few sharp turns. You should eventually arrive at a lab, and just inside will be Lir. Speak with him for more information about the Elders. When finished, enter the Dimensional Gate and ascend the spiral stairs. Enter the portal found at the top. You will have to navigate your way through the structure until you find yourself outside. Cross the bridge to the next building, and navigate your way down to the cave. Use your compass to find the exit, and head towards Nichol's floating house for the next quest.

For the rest of the Chapter 2 quests, teleport to /warp chapter2 to speak with Nichol.

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